Are we poisoning our pets in the name of ticks and Lyme?

Over the past couple of years ticks and Lyme disease have become hot topics of discussion. Whether you are a dog owner or not, ticks are a nuisance and serious health risk if they are carrying Lyme disease. If you use a traditional vet, you will likely be told that your dog without a doubt needs some sort of tick preventative like Bravecto, Nexgard, or Simparica. They must be safe since your vet recommended them right? But do you actually know what they are or what they do? These drugs work by attacking the nervous system of the insect after it bites your dog, in turn killing them. So we are injecting or feeding our dogs a poisonous chemical that kills living things...and if the chemical is poisonous enough to kill insects immediately when they bite, what it is doing to your dog? 

Check out this article from Dogs Naturally about whether they are safe, and the potential side effects

I think something to consider is, would you take one of these preventative drugs yourself? Would you knowingly take a poisonous chemical, designed with the intention to kill an insect that bites you? I find it quite odd that no doctors are prescribing something like Bravecto for humans to take but yet we are pumping our dogs full of chemicals hoping to keep them safe from Lyme disease (and by no means am I dismissing Lyme or it's severity). There are natural ways to defend your dog against ticks which you can find here

So, while I am not a vet, and I don't pretend to play one on TV, I have done my research and know that I will not give my dog any of these vet prescribed preventatives. I am not telling anyone that they should not use them, but that you should do your research and always question something that just doesn't feel right.