About Us

At The Crunchy Canine, your dog's health and wellbeing is our #1 priority! 

We are dog owners and lovers ourselves, so we know how important your dog's health is to you. The Crunchy Canine is owned and operated by Katherine Vooys with the help from her supportive husband Jamie. Over the past couple of years, we lost two dogs to cancer and have two others dealing with a whole slew of allergy related issues. We started researching a more natural approach to their health and wellbeing. Katherine is also a dog trainer who focuses on a holistic approach for her training clients which means training a healthy dog who is feeling their best.

When we started our quest for a natural approach to health, unfortunately we found that many traditional sources of information would lead you to believe that there are no other options. But there are! From a species appropriate diet, to alternative medicine, to fitness and supplies, we have got you covered! All of our products are tried, tested, and true and we are proud to stand behind them. We are always looking for new, and innovative products that are inline with our philosophies and welcome suggestions if there is something we do not carry.

We are proudly Canadian 🇨🇦 Our headquarters is located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada and our goal is to support Canadian businesses as much as possible.  We pledge to supply quality Canadian products when possible and we will only supply non-Canadian products when there is no Canadian option available.